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Green Screen Photography

Are you looking to add a bit more fun to your event photography? We are ready to go in green screen photography. We can set a backdrop of anything and anywhere. Making your event photography more fun.

So how does Green Screen Photography work?

We need a good amount of space, We setup the green screen which can accommodate single or group photos. We will have discussed a backdrop with you before the event. You can have one or multiple choose.

Let’s make it fun…

So what happens with the images?

When we have taken great photos in front of a green screen we can print immediately, add to an online gallery or both. This gives all the guests the opportunity to enjoy the fun of green screen photography. They can walk away with an image or download and share later.

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What a day!

Where do you want to take your guests?

Green Screen Photography fits into all events. We can serve proms, dance events, theatre shows, product launches, corporate events, Christmas parties, birthday parties and a lot more. The backdrop can be anything we can get an image of. So whether it is a film scene, sports stadium or a remote beach in Australia, we can do it. And of course any props can be added. Contact me now!